Welcome to this server on this place called the internet.

So, what's on here you ask?

This is a 24/7 JJ2 Server hosted on behalf of the CDF clan, used for trainings and matches alike. It may also be used for events and more on request by me or one of the CDF Team Leaders. The password(s) for the server can be seen from the JazzJackrabbit.net clan ladder by logging in and viewing the passwords column on the lower right of the front page. CDF members will see their remoteadmin password there as well. If you want to join directly through JJ2 links, check out the Games in Progress page and look for JJ2Launcher below! For requests on maps, settings, or usage of the server, Contact me on any site or IM or use the forums here!

Ladder and passwords: JazzJackrabbit.net
GIP and JJ2Launcher download: Games in Progress

This is a hosted version of WebJCS by DJazz, the HTML5 based remake of the Jazz2 level editor. This hosted iteration has collaboration disabled and doesn't close, which is great because now anyone can just load it personally without anyone else watching or even me knowing what you do with it! Therefore, levels can only be loaded and saved locally, and tilesets can be requested by contacting me anywhere or posting on the forums here. The JCS.ini should include all events and JJ2Plus features. Below here is a link to download the great WebJCS yourself, thanks to DJazz!

Download for use on your PC or server: WebJCS by DJazz

This is an irregularly updated blog page with some reviews of classic JJ2 levels that hold nostalgic value. They're accompanied with screenshots and some even a video playthrough. The older levels aren't readily available on sites such as J2O, and the newer ones I felt like they weren't significant enough today to review there. Go visit this page only if you cater JJ2 nostalgia, otherwise you'd better look for newer JJ2 levels!

This classy old-looking message board has inactivity written all over it (wait, writing is activity right), but you can use it to request maps, features, tilesets, or anything else related to this server and it's services. For the passionists, you may also experience what a 90's UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Board) felt like, which was used all over the teeny weeny internet at the time JJ2 was released. Don't spam it, though..

JJ2.nl server managed by Slaz, with love and bitterballen!